Using Dead Sea Salt Scrubs for Your Spa

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Dead-Sea-Salt-ScrubsThe benefits of using salt scrubs for your body are many. These dead sea salt scrubs give you even more benefit, all from natural sources to help you relax, feel better and look better.

Benefits of Salt Scrubs

Keeping your skin in healthy good condition is something we all strive for. With salt scrubs, we get a natural, gentle exfoliating action, as well as a mineral and nutrient addition to our skin. These all help us have more luxurious and silky feeling skin, but it also helps in healing the skin conditions that can plague us. Our bodies regularly produce new skin cells but those are hidden by the dead ones at the outer portion of our skin. We scrub those away to reveal the newer ones, but we also need to nourish those newer ones. That’s what natural salts can do for us.

Dead Sea Salt Scrubs

These are some of the best dead sea salt body scrubs. Best, yes, expensive, no! I had made the mistake of buying similar products for much more. When I discovered these scrubs at less than one-third the price I had paid, I was thrilled.

 Obey Your Body Dead Sea Mineral Salt Scrub Treatment Exfoliating Purity Avani Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Scrub (Milk / Honey) Avani Dead Sea Revitalizing Dead Sea Salts (Natural)

The price isn’t the factor. I found these to work just as good, even better since I wasn’t worried about using too much of the much more expensive ones. Each was more than worth the price.

Using Body Scrubs

When you use body scrubs of any variety, too often is not a benefit for your skin. I use mine only once a week to keep and maintain great skin. For some with more severe skin conditions, twice a week is doable. More often than that and you are gaining nothing. Allow time for your skin to regenerate enough new cells to make it beneficial for you. You literally take a small amount in your hand and rub it on your skin. Then either towel off the excess, or rinse it off.

Different Fragrances and Options

Dead sea salt scrubs are very similar in their basic elements. The differences are in the fragrances and additives. Find other choices at Dead Sea Salt Body Scrubs. The basic ones with natural scents are my favorites, but you may find others that you enjoy. Give one a try and you may just be hooked like I am.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I want the natural dead sea salt scrubs as well. I got a gift basket last Christmas with a very expensive scrub in it. Like you, I didn’t find it any better than the more economical dead sea salt scrub I usually use. This is a time when more money doesn’t mean better quality!

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