Safety in the Bathtub with Oils and Lotions

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Safety-with-Oils-LotionsKeeping safe when you are pampering yourself with spa treatments is just a matter of a little caution and some common sense. These tips will help you stay safe and keep that luxurious feeling going.

The World of the Slippery

Spa treatments often include oils and lotions that can be very slippery. Take just a few precautions to make sure you don’t slide and end up in the emergency room before you can finish your spa and reap the benefits.

  • Use towels and bath mats on bathroom floors to step on. When you have lotions or oils on your feet, just one step can cause a slide, so make sure you are stepping on absorbent material like towels or bath mats. Not only when stepping out of the tub, but also where ever you will be walking in the bathroom.
  • Use a good pair of slippers to cover your feet. Even after you leave the bathroom, your oiled or lotion feet will still be slippery. A good pair of slippers that you reserve just for your spa time will be just what you need. Your feet will be protected from dirt and slides.
  • Other parts of your body will be slippery, too. Remember your hands, arms, legs and bottom will also have slippery oils or lotions on them. Something as simple as sitting on the edge of the bathtub could cause you to slide and result in an accident. Put on a luxurious terry cloth robe to both protect your skin and keep you from sliding.

Electricity and Water Don’t Mix

There is no way around this one. Live electric currents and water are a bad combination. These easily result in death. Don’t take the chance. Anything that needs to be plugged in should be kept away from the bathtub. Use battery-operated versions of appliances or look for those that are listed as safe for the bathtub or shower.

Even if you are very careful, someone else in your household might not be. So just keep you and your family safe. Unplug and put away anything that you use for your spa when you are finished.

Safety Can Be Simple

Just take a few precautions when you prepare for your spa. Then take a few precautions after your spa. Avoiding accidents and keeping safe will make your pampering spa time much more enjoyable and you will get to reap the benefits of a more relaxed life. 

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